DSP Manager [Music Equalizer] For Stock ICS [CWM Flashable]

Gives enhanced sound processing capabilities. A simple application called DSPManager is provided to adjust the new audio parameters such as bass boost, 5 band equalizer, virtual room effect for all system audio.
-By: cyanogen

- Not compatible with GB, for stock ics only..

Download: DSPManager_ICS_CWM.zip ( Install  CWM)

- Also included an uninstall package..
Download: DSPManager_ICS_CWM_Uninstall.zip ( Uninstall CMW )

*note: what's inside? ( install )
- DSPManager.apk
- libcyanogen-dsp.so
- Re-setting file permissions

* Uninstall package  ( CMW )
- Remove DSPManager.apk
- Remove libcyanogen-dsp.so

- There is no point that will messed up your phone, but make a backup as you like, also please use it at your own risk!!

- Enjoy ( music lover )

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