Galaxy s2 I9100's ICS Source Out

As of today ( Monday 3/19/12 ) the I9100's ICS source code has been uploaded on, ( input keyword: GT-I9100 ).

I'm trying to get a hold of the source but it took forever to download....

If you want to get a try or get a hold of the I9100's ICS source code, run the link above.

GT-I9100_ICS_Opensource_Update4.zip275 B/s - 1,981 kB of 193 MB, 8 days left
- I guess the server overloaded -.-

GT-I9100_ICS_Opensource_Update4.zip107 kB/s - 3.4 MB of 193 MB, 30 mins left
- Little  much better -.-!!


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