Removed Triangle Galaxy S2 And Still Root

A simple way by plugged in the USB JIG or use soft ktool ( Apk on market )

SS by softktool

1: Download ktool from the market and installed on your computer.
2: Open up and hit ktool Dump current kernel
3: Click Reboot to Downloadmode and flash odin kernel using any stock or can be downloaded here ( stock kernel for i777 )
4: After you flash the stock kernel and reboot the machine odin ktool open up.
5: Choose Flash kernel from / sdcard / zImage
6: Select reboot .

If you want to keep the kernel that able to overclock and also remove the triangle
- we have to use the Android Terminal Emulator.

Note* Make sure that we have flash stock kernel from odin first, then after rebooted the triangle is removed ( like the guide above )
Once the phone is completely turn on, follow the step below.

- currently kernel for i777 are: Entropy, Siyah, Nenphentamine, Zedomax and few other out there.

1: Extract the zImage ( overclocked kernel ) to local sdcard
2: Open up TE ( Terminal Emulator )
3: Type in
to gain superuser permission
dd if=/sdcard/zImage of=/dev/block/mmcb1k0p

Happy rooting :D


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